Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather

We try as hard as possible to provide up to date information regarding early closings or cancellation due to inclement weather. For more information please click on the following link to read how you can find out if we are closed or open late due to the weather.

 Bad Weather Alert Procedure Letter to parents 

CCLC strives to meet the needs of parents who must work regardless of the weather.


While we recognize it as the responsibility of the parent to determine if they feel safe transporting their children to us during inclement weather, we must concern ourselves with the responsibility of the safety of our staff.

For this reason, we do open late on really icy mornings, we occasionally close early during heavy snows, and we occasionally are closed all day.

When necessary, we will open on a two hour delay to allow time for the roads to be treated. This means there might be mornings when we do not open our doors until 9:00.

You can  email us at or check our Facebook page.

Enrolled school age children or preschoolers (not daily enrolled) who are with us when the public school is closed will be charged at the daily rate and this will be applied to your next tuition bill.

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