CCLC Volunteers and Interns

Please click on this link to learn about our fantastic learning opportunity for high school and college students interested in child development, teaching, and outdoor leadership: Internships at The Child Care and Learning Center Washington Va. HS and LFCC

We have had other wonderful volunteers over the years, both parents and community supporters helping with the gardens, repairing items, building things, reading and playing with children, doing special art projects.

CCLC’s curriculum and programs include science, health and nature and the garden is one of the best resources for children to learn these subjects.

We have two gardens that the teachers and children use in the spring and summer.

The lower garden by the main building and the upper garden by the pavilion. Children love working in the garden, preparing the soil, planting seeds, or plants. The little ones especially enjoy watering the plants and picking the vegetables. All ages are good at weeding and many of them actually enjoy it.

Volunteers are needed to help in all phases of the garden throughout the different seasons.

  • The only requirement is to spend an hour or so with individuals or a number of children, depending on the ages helping them do whatever is needed in the garden the day you are there.
  • It could be preparing the soil, planting, putting down mulch, weeding, picking vegetables, watering and having the children help while discussing with them whatever is happening in the garden.
  • You can talk about the soil, sun, water and what they do to help the plants, why it’s important to weed, what nutrients are in the veggies being picked. Why some plants might grow better than others, insects, diseases, etc.
  • There are endless learning opportunities in the garden.

There is a special need for volunteers in the after school program from 3:30-6:00.

You can either work in the garden and/or just spend some special time individually with a child walking in the woods or doing a special project that you choose. Give us a call and let us know if you would like to volunteer.

The children love when visitors come to be with them.

Come join us in the fun and get to know our citizens of tomorrow!

The Child Care & Learning Center is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that has been serving families in Rappahannock County since 1976.